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Every month, we have a full calendar of a large variety of on-site classes and activities. Classes which are different each month include health and wellness with Castle Hospital and HPU nursing students; parenting, preschool for parent and child; non-violent communication; food and nutrition with cooking demonstrations; financial literacy and budgeting, computer skills; English as a Second Language; legal issues such as Landlord/Tenant Rights and filing annual tax forms.

We also have Homework Club which includes tutoring services and two reading programs – Puppy Reading (where the children read a story to the puppy) and ReaDch (a reading for fun program.)  We have a piano, and HEARTS (Hawaii Education for the ARTS) has started a keiki choir that has performed several times.

We have special activities and events throughout the year including Earth Day, Water Play Day, Peace Day, Stream Cleanup, Holiday parties and more.  We have taken the families on field trips to the Honolulu Aquarium, the Honolulu Zoo and on a special Hawaiian Ocean Sailing Canoe adventure.  Throughout the year, various community and church groups offer to come provide activities for our families as well.

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