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Holomua Na ‘Ohana operates two service-enriched clean and sober transitional housing programs for homeless families on the island of O’ahu: Onemalu in Kalaeloa on the Leeward coast and Weinberg Village Waimanalo on the Windward side.  Our primary focus is to offer housing to unsheltered families with minor aged children who are willing to work a program designed to assist them in removing barriers to employment and permanent housing.  

Families are allowed to stay in the program for a period of up to two years provided they follow all of the rules of the program and work toward permanent self-sufficiency.  During this time, most of the families are able to stabilize, gain more education and find better employment to improve their financial situation and reduce the barriers that led to their homelessness.

Clients receive one-on-one support on a variety of issues which gives them the encouragement to move their families forward to permanent housing and a more stable life for all.  We provide case management with Social Service Plans that focus on the areas of housing, employment, education, debt reduction, sobriety support, parenting and children support and improving health issues.  

Classes are also offered in the areas of budgeting, debt reduction, credit counseling; nutrition classes which focus on creating healthy meals on a budget; health awareness on topics such as breast cancer, diabetes, smoking cessation and sexually transmittable diseases; literacy and tutoring are offered for anyone who needs it, especially the children; parenting and child nurturing classes; and more.  Additional on-site support for the children include a dedicated staff member to provide activities and assist with schoolwork; a tutor; Girl Scouts; Boy Scouts; Keiki Play Morning – a weekly program for  parents and their 0-3 year old children; Water Play Day; the Puppy Reading Program (where children practice their reading to a service dog;) Annual Village Peace Day (to create awareness and appreciation for cultural diversity) and many other fun activities.  

Parents pay Program Fees each month to encourage them to budget their money and make paying for their housing their first priority.  This strengthens their ability to maintain housing when they find permanent housing.  Further support that is available to them is a food pantry of donated canned goods and a Donation Room with clothing and household items, diapers, toiletries, dishes and other household and hygiene items.  We also assist those who are eligible in getting free bus passes for students who go to schools out of our school area.

The goal of our programs is to assist formerly homeless families to become permanently self-sufficient and permanently housed to provide a stable future for their children, strengthen the family and end the cycle of homelessness.