PostHeaderIcon Weinberg Village Waimanalo - History

The Weinberg Village Waimanalo was dedicated by the Hawaii Housing Authority on December 2 (1994.) It is mainly comprised of recycled portable classroom buildings. The buildings have been completely remodeled by volunteer architects, engineers, carpenters and suppliers.

Residents made these comments n 1995:
“ I like that it gets us off the beach. Two years on the beach! The houses here are good, comfortable. My babies get hot water now. Two years of cold water.”

“ It's good being off the beach. Hot water! You can block the wind and it doesn't rain on the stove, and don't need to find a place to sleep on bust-down days. We were at Makapu‘u, and then went to the Beach Park. And washing dishes without hot water. It's our home. It's been so long. The families that needed it most are here. It's so good to see the babies can play now. Don't have to worry about the babies have to go all the way across the field just to brush their teeth. Look at the babies playing. They're so happy now! No one can drink over here. That's the best part. I don't want to be stuck in the same old rut as before.”

“I like it. It's very family oriented. Everyone tries to help each other. The space is large. Lots of space for the larger families. Everyone helps each other with things no matter how big or small. We did a Christmas tree in the office, and the kids made all the ornaments. And the people who own homes, clearing out their garages, have been bringing over things, helping out.”

“The drugs and the drinking that was going on at the beach, you can't do that here. The kids don't see it. That's a good thing.”

“ I'm happy that I'm here. These transitional homes is to help us with our life, so we won't be homeless no more. It's a contract for two years. There's no drugs or alcohol. The washerette is a blessing. We're thankful to be off the beach.”

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