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L.E.A.P – Learning, Enrichment and Achievement Program

In January 2010, Weinberg Village Waimanalo was the proud recipient of DUKE’S Restaurant’s Legacy of Aloha Fund. For every t-shirt that is sold at Duke’s, $10 is put into this fund. Then Duke’s chooses a charity to give these funds to each year. Duke’s presented us with a check to do whatever we want with it.

We decided to create L.E.A.P.

L = Learning

E = Enrichment

A = Achievement

P = Program

L.E.A.P. funds are primarily used to help enrich our children's lives and to help them achieve more than they ever thought possible. Since its inception, LEAP has helped us take the families to the Zoo and on an ocean canoe sailing adventure, among other things. It has also helped us send three middle school children to Washington, DC on a Close-Up educational program.

L.E.A.P. funds can also be used for the adults. If an adult needs a small amount to get a license or certification to help them leap ahead into work and they can justify the need for the aid, their case manager can advocate on their behalf.

Donors can also earmark their gifts to Holomua Nā ‘Ohana to help build this fund.

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